What are CellProfiler Plugins?#

Plugins advance the capabilities of CellProfiler but are not officially supported in the same way as modules. A module may be in CellProfiler-plugins instead of CellProfiler itself because:

  • it is under active development

  • it has a niche audience

  • it is not documented to CellProfiler’s standards

  • it only works with certain version of CellProfiler

  • it requires extra libraries or other dependencies we are unable or unwilling to require for CellProfiler

  • it has been contributed by a community member

How do I use CellProfiler Plugins?#

See our Using Plugins page for information on how to install and use plugins.

What plugins are available?#

See our Supported Plugins page for information on all currently supported plugins.

How do I contribute a plugin?#

See our Contributing Plugins page for information on contributing a plugin to CellPainting-plugins.

Who made this?#

CellProfiler and CellProfiler-plugins are maintained and developed in the Cimini Lab in the Imaging Platform at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, USA.